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As a photographer I am always looking for a way to provide the very best for my clients; a combination of quality photography and a way to share that photography with their friends and family, professional contacts, and whoever else they can reach out to.

The Personal Classroom Magazine is an idea developed right here at Digital Arts Photography.  So I am looking for innovators in my service area of Idaho and Washington!   I am looking for educators who want to have some fun in the classroom and send something home to mom and dad that is top quality, totally new, and something that everyone will be proud of.


Here's the basics - New technologies in printing make it affordable to produce quality magazines with very low print runs, printing even a dozen or so copies at a time. 

  • Create your own custom magazines for the classroom or special activity
  • A very unique classroom activity
  • Inexpensive - typical cost per student is about $15

Here are some possibilities:


Classroom Magazines:  One exciting option is to completely replace the typical school picture program in which parents purchase individual prints with a program based on classroom magazines.  Pictures of students are taken just as they would be taken for any school picture program, but the photos are arranged into a magazine - one per class or one per grade, group photo of the classroom on the cover.  The magazine can have space built into the pages so students can write comments in everyone else's magazines.  The magazine becomes a yearbook for first graders, second grades, etc.  Classrooms can add their own personal touch to their own magazines.


The Classroom magazine turns boring school pictures into something new and exciting. 


School Literary Magazine.  The magazine can feature a photo of each participating student, a little information about the student, and a short piece written by the student.


Student Art Magazine.  The magazine can feature a photo of each participating student, a little information about the student, and a short piece written by the student.


There are countless other themes that a custom magazine can be built around.  The magazines can include the writings of students, short poems, their thoughts, their drawings, or their ideas on any number of subjects.  



COST   Using a classroom magazine as an example:


For a class of 20 students, an 8 page publication would cost $300 and that includes photography of each student and a copy of the magazine for each student - a total of 20 copies or  $15 per student.  Additional copies of the magazine would run $15 for single copies to $10 per copy if ten or more copies were ordered at the same time.   Larger orders would have lower prices; ask for a quote.  Traditional 5x7 prints, wallets, etc of the student's picture can be purchased for parents at the same low prices as traditional school pictures.


There are many options.  Additional pages can be added to a magazine, four pages at a time, with a one time design cost of $35 per four page add-on and an increase in the base price of a magazine of $1.50 per issue. 

The magazine displayed to the right is a "YearMag"; a yearbook style magazine developed for the graduating students in the nursing program at Walla Walla Community College. 

There are lots of design options but this sample should give you an idea of the possibilities.

If you have a project in mind just fill out the form below and we'll get started planning your project.  I make the process very easy so it's not a lot of work for teachers! 

If you are in my service area of Idaho and Washington I will also be happy to send you a sample copy.


  <a href="https://secure.blueoctane.net//forms/OZR121Y8FNDN">Click Here To Load This Formexperts.com Form</a>

If you would like to try a magazine for your class or for your school, just give me a a call or send an email.

mike@digitalartsphotography.com     208-791-3892

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